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I beg the reader to observe to stimulate our consciousness of tactile values

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Picture’s have power as the object represented to our tactile imagination.

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Well it was the power to stimulate tactile consciousness of essential.

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The medieval skies had been torn asunder and a new heaven and a new earth had appeared, which the abler spirits were already inhabiting and enjoying

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The thing of sovereign price was the power to subdue and to create; of sovereign interest all that helped man to know the world he was living in and his power over it.

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In such an age the figure artist can thrive, as Giotto did only in spite of it and as an isolated phenomenon the Renaissance the figure artist had a demand.

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Greek days, to reveal to a generation believing in man’s power to subdue and to possess the world, the physical types best fitted for the task

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Masaccio was untouched 29 by this taint. Types, in themselves of the manliest, he presents with a sense for the materially significant which makes us realise to the utmost their power and dignity

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Giotto’s paintings, on the contrary, have not only as much power of appealing to the tactile imagination as is possessed by the objects represented human figures in particular but actually more, with the necessary result

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We whose current knowledge of anatomy is greater, who expect more articulation and suppleness in the human figure, who, in short, see much less naïvely now than Giotto’s contemporaries

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At the risk of seeming to wander off into the boundless domain of æsthetics, we must stop at this point for a moment to make sure that we are of one mind regarding the meaning of the phrase